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Oh the fun times I have had over the years with this game series, from the original Grand Theft Auto on the now vastly outdated but immensely fun PS1, to GTA V on the latest consoles and PC via Vice City and San Andreas. This game has been surprising yet brilliant entertainment and has also had cutting edge storytelling for the times with which the games were released.

The Latest addition to the series has benefited with a new update for the PC version which is a hefty -ish 400MB in size and will be auto-downloaded from Steam and Rockstar Social Club. So what does the new content have in store? Well to summarize as I don’t want to strain your eyes to death, the new features are as follows

  • 5 New vehicles for Legendary Motorsport for Story Mode
  • Two new weapons have been added to Ammu-Nation for Story Mode and GTA Online which unlock once player progresses to a certain point.
  • 15 new tattoos, 100s of new clothing items and 8 casual glasses.
  • Nine unique Knuckle Duster variants are available from Ammu-Nation for various story modes for the latest generation of consoles and PC.

Scarves and Cuffs have been added to the accessories section in the interaction menu ( this again is for latest consoles and PC)

Above are just the key points among many for this update, as for fixes, these amount to at least 100 in total which are split across various machines. There is no official log as yet for the update but this will be released in due course so stay tuned. Well at least Rockstar have kept the game fresh and interesting with new features, now if you excuse me, I’m off to hit some people with a bat, IN THE GAME! Before anyone has any ideas.

Thank You Dark Side Of Gaming for giving us this information

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2 Comments on Update For GTA V Released

  • Avatar JonasTone says:

    Along with all those wonderful things, you forgot to mention the best addition…….

    Lag when driving, Lag when shooting, Lag when buying guns, Lag in general.

    I hope they patch it soon, the game is unplayable when the lag spikes every 20 seconds online.

  • Avatar MenaceRx says:

    Yep this new patch caused a lot of lag in my game where there was none before.

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