uNoGS Shows VPNs That Can Still Bypass Netflix Geoblocks

The excitement of Netflix expanding into 190 countries worldwide has sadly been tempered by the news that the video-on-demand platform has started restricting VPN “pirates” from bypassing geographical locks to access more content, especially since Netflix’ international catalogue pales in comparison to that of the US, the preferred region for VPN users.

However, a new site has sprung up that not only allows users to search for Netflix content across the globe, revealing exactly where a film, TV show, or documentary is available, but also informs you of which VPN works to access a particular region or country. uNoGS, or unofficial Netflix online Global Search lets you search for content by title, Netflix rating, IMDB rating, year, genre, actor, and even audio options and subtitles. A dropdown menu on selected content will then let you see if your VPN will allow you to view it.

For example, I was delighted to find that I could watch Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on the US Netflix from the UK using my preferred VPN, Private Internet Access:

“uNoGS is very much a one man show juggled as a hobby between work and family life. I initially built the site just for myself because the few sites that were providing a service like this were extremely limited in terms of search functionality,” Brian, the operator of uNoGS, told TorrentFreak. “I wanted to be able to see what was available in every country, when it was added, when it was supposed to expire and when it actually expired. Once I completed the initial build for myself I decided to share it with everyone and uNoGS went live in early May 2015.”

The surge in interest in uNoGS since being featured on TorrentFreak, though, means that the website is rather slow at present.