Unofficial Minecraft Convention Packs Up – $500k Now Missing

Mineorama was set to debut in New York City as a massive fan made tribute to the ever-popular game Minecraft. But ue to some recent changes, Mineorama’s twitter has been taken over by a 16 year old who eloquently stated on August the 10th:


The creators of Mineorama had announced last minute that their whole convention was cancelled and the $500k raised from pre-purchased tickets would not be refunded to any customer.  But don’t worry, they made some solid assurances:

“PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NOT A SCAM. It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that @mineorama has been postponed, stay tuned for updates..” @mineorama

Whilst assuring their fans they are not scammers, the Mineorama website has been taken down by the hosting company, a 16 year old has taken control of their Twitter account and their small Facebook page has become completely inactive. The last contact was from Mineorama’s Executive Producer, Lou Gasco, on July the 8th. In this tweet he mentioned that all questions would be answered on a live Twitch stream – which did not eventuate.

What’s going to happen with the money and where can you complain? Unfortunately, we don’t have answers for either of those questions – but when something comes to light we will surely report on it.

Image courtesy of Minecraft for XBOX