Unlimited Hard Drive Space Via The Cloud For Xbox One

Microsoft has had an uphill battle with the Xbox One, although it is fair to say that they made it difficult all by themselves by trying to completely up-end and change the way we consume games, media and entertainment in a massive way. Yet since the times Microsoft made a mess of things in terms of PR, they’ve also done a lot of good to repair the damage and judging by news of pre-order sales their effort hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Microsoft revealed this week that they’ve updated their self-publishing guidelines for independent developers for the new console, backed up by the fact that any Xbox One could be used as a development kit and that means that new developers can get out and get the hardware they need for a pretty reasonable price (compared to most dev kit hardware).

To top it off, Microsoft have also been touting the “cloud”, a buzz word I’m not all too fond of personally, and while they claim it can give the console more computing power, the better aspect is storage. Xbox one can now access unlimited sized hard drive space online, thanks to Microsoft allowing you to tap huge amount of servers they’ve setup for the console and Office 365.

This is obviously a big leap over the Xbox 360 which only has 512mb of cloud storage and it never hurts to have unlimited online storage, even if you hardly use it, it could come in handy. Microsoft say this will be available to all members of Xbox Live, not just Xbox Gold members.

Thank you Examiner for providing us with this information.