“Uncarrier” by T-Mobile set for announcement on September 10th

T-mobile have sent invitations out for their latest “Uncarrier” event, which once again is set to shake up the norm and nab themselves potential customers. This marks the 7th installment of such an event, with it set to launch on the 10th of September at 1PM pacific time.

The tagline for this event reads “This time it’s personal” – nothing crazy or new as far as marketing hype or wording is concerned, but its something that can easily get people excited.

The event itself is being hosted in a T-Mobile store, taking themselves away from the normal theater or stage type concept event. One can only assume this matches with the tag line in the way that customers will get direct contact and face to face consultation with T-Mobile staff and superiors.

Thanks to Tech Crunch, we learned about the previous 6 “Uncarrier” events:

“Uncarrier 1: T-Mobile launches its 4G LTE network, ditches annual service contracts
Uncarrier 2: T-Mobile expands their upgrade program to allow customers to upgrade their phones twice a year
Uncarrier 3: T-Mobile makes international data/texting free
Uncarrier 4: T-Mobile announces they’ll cover early termination fees for anyone willing to switch to their network
Uncarrier 5: T-Mobile starts a “Test Drive” program to loan potential customers an iPhone 5S for 7 days
Uncarrier 6: T-Mobile stops counting data used in select music apps against your monthly limits”

Image courtesy of The Droid Guy