UK Government Moves from Microsoft

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Microsoft has dominated the business market for some time now. This is the case here in the UK, where most if not all government departments use Microsoft’s products in favour of everything else, but that’s about to change according to recent statements from officials.

Her Majesty’s Revenue or Customs, or more commonly known as HMRC, decided to switch from Microsoft products to what Google now has to offer. The change will take place due to the fact that Google has more power over cloud service and it looks like that’s what HMRC needs. This also marks a turning point in business solutions, having HMRC be the first major UK government department to break away from Microsoft services in favour of another competitor.

It is said that the switch will affect over 70,000 employees, who will join another 2,500 Cabinet Office users already on Gmail accounts. Still, there are over 450,000 government employees using Microsoft products, so we won’t see the majority of departments dropping Microsoft’s products overnight. But this does prove that Microsoft is declining in strength over corporate business solutions.

In terms of security, UK government officials seem to trust Google’s own security and ability to keep sensitive information safe on its data centres, but is this a good thing? They seem to think so. However, they should also take into account that mixing cloud storage with sensitive information may not seem a good mix, especially when your tax information is in the middle of it. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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3 Comments on UK Government Moves from Microsoft

  • Avatar COMMICZAR says:

    They do not know the risks, what is cool and trendy , also attracts the fraudsters, The cloud is not secure , I am sure data can be intercepted between source and cloud , even if the Cloud is 100% secure the cable / fibre linking it may not be , thoughts . Or am I being over cautious?

    • Avatar Steve Cope says:

      Not over cautious at all… there is always a risk in transmission, specially with large files such as spreadsheets containing thousands of records. Also, Google is avoiding taxes, so why is the HMRC rewarding them with what is a massive account switch?

  • Avatar Chris Davis says:

    “due to the fact that Google has more power over cloud service”
    Yes, because it’s not like MS has one of the most popular and well known cloud computing systems in the world. If they did, they’d probably name it something like “Azure”.
    I’m not saying using Google’s services is a bad thing, but the rationale here is just ridiculous. Particularly given the cost of conversion to Google’s systems, and the lock-in they’ll experience making any future migrations even more costly. I have a feeling this was a decision led by a group other than their IT division.

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