Ubuntu Edge Will Not Be Bootloader Or Carrier Locked

The Ubuntu Edge smartphone will reportedly not have a locked bootloader or locked carrier network. That is according to the developers from Ubuntu for the Edge smartphone, on an AMA (ask me anything) session on Reddit. The Canonical IndieGoGo project page unfortunately omitted these two crucial pieces of information which led to confusion among some potential buyers.

Given the rather niche nature of the Ubuntu Edge smartphone it is crucial that Canonical offer the maximum flexibility and number of customisations to end users as possible. The feature should allow users to install as many mobile operating systems on the Ubuntu Edge as they want. This is going to be important for the kind of target market the Ubuntu Edge is aiming for.

The Ubuntu Edge has currently generated $9.5 million of its $32 million target and has around 11 days left to run before its deadline passes. Canonical recently chopped $80 off the asking price of the Ubuntu Edge in an effort to help reach the funding target.

Image courtesy of Canonical (IndieGoGo)