Ubisoft Knew Assassin’s Creed: Unity Wasn’t Ready Before Release

A reddit user who was granted a visit to Ubisoft Montreal by the Make A Wish Foundation has revealed some interesting inside information regarding the development process of Assassin’s Creed: Unity.w3r3w0lv33‘ recounts how, following conversations with Creative Director Alex Hutchinson, the developers knew that Unity was broken before release, but that it was only realised late in the development process which didn’t allow staff to fix the problems before it was sent out into the wild. He adds that the game’s problems were exacerbated by being always-online.

In the comments of his reddit post, ‘w3r3w0lv33‘ said:

“We talked about nearly everything, including some pretty cool stuff.

He acknowledged that Unity wasn’t ready, but they didn’t find out until the very end. He said that since the game was always-online, it had a huge impact on performance. This is why when you play without Internet connection there’s generally better performance. However, Ubisoft didn’t want to delay the game to this year because that would have impacted the future Assassin’s Creed titles.”

‘w3r3w0lv33‘ also revealed that he took part in some motion-capture sequences for a new, as-yet-unknown Assassin’s Creed game, due to be unveiled on 12th May. “I can’t talk about it,” ‘w3r3w0lv33‘ says, “but perhaps in a few days.”

Thank you Dark Side of Gaming for providing us with this information.