U.S. To Ban Purchase And Use Of Chinese-Made IT Systems And Electronics

After a growing concern over Chinese “Cyber Sabotage” attacks, a law will be introduced which will stop U.S. government agencies such as NASA, Department of Justice and Commerce Departments from buying Information Technology systems from China unless the federal law enforcement agency will give an approval.

It was only last year when the intelligence committee told the U.S. telecom companies not to do business with Huawei Technologies and ZTE as the influence that the Chinese government has over the companies will pose a threat to the United States. This could be a big blow to Chinese-based computer maker Lenovo in the future as well, especially if they cannot sell their systems to government agencies and personnel.

A provision was added in a 240-page report to introduce a law stating that government agencies are required to make a cyberattack assessment risk with the law enforcement agencies when buying technology from China. It is also mentioned that it involves “any risk associated with such systems being produced, manufactured or assembled by one or more entities that are owned, directed or subsidized” from China.

Many top officials and President Barack Obama condemned the cyber attacks originating from China and made it clear during an interview with ABC news that these cyber attacks are absolutely sponsored by governments.

Chinese President Xi Jinping however said that U.S. needs to avoid making groundless accusations and start working together to resolve the problem. They can also challenge this decision as a violation of World Trade Organization rules, but that may be a futile attempt as the Chinese are not the members of WTO who set international trading rules.

It also should be noted that a U.S. based security company said that there is a Chinese military unit which is most likely behind the series of cyber attacks on the United States.

Source: Reuters