U.S. & China To Setup A Joint Cyber Security Team

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that the United States and China has agreed that both the countries need to work on Cyber Security. This would be an area where both the countries, especially China, will be able to earn each other’s trust and cooperation, as told by China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

It wasn’t too long ago when both countries have accused eachother of series of cyber attacks. It was recently when U.S. said that the attacks originated from China, and they have targetted U.S. government corporates using computer networks to steal data from the respected sectors. It was also been said by a security firm that China has a secret military facility unit which is most likely where the attack originated from. China on the other hand claimed that it was a series of a large-scale attack, but it was then officials and business executives who attended China- U.S. Internet industry forum in Beijing said that both parties need to find a common ground.

Under Secretary of State of Economic Affairs Robert Hormats said in the forum,”It’s important to have a dialogue on this, but it’s also important that the dialogue be a means to an end, and the end is really ending these practices.”

Kerry said that “[Cyber Security] affects the financial sector, banks, financial transactions, every aspect of nations in modern times are affected by the use of cyber networking and obviously all of us – every nation – has an interest in protecting its people, protecting its rights, protecting its infrastructure”.

Its still unclear if U.S. will be allowed Chinese made hardware to be used in government sectors, especially in NASA, Judiciary and police departments.

Source: Reuters