Twitter Sharing Your Favorites with Friends

Twitter has now started publishing your favorite tweets to followers timelines – whether you’re mentioned or not. This is something similar to what we’re seeing more and more of on Facebook over the recent months – and we’re unsure if Twitter is doing this as a trial or as a long term feature.

Twitter hasn’t published any release to the public saying why exactly this change has taken place, but as we said above it mirrors something that Facebook has been implementing more and more of in recent times. All of this is seemingly to keep users actively engaged in the social media companies services, therefore generating them more profit in the end.

What do you use favorites for? You could say we’re in a Facebook dominated social media society – so are you using them as a replacement for ‘likes’ or are you using them to simply bookmark tweets or information for later use? Unfortunately if you’re part of the latter crowd, your bookmarks may now no longer be privately available to only you given this move.

Do you like this move, or are you one of those upset by the changes? As with all Social Media changes, there are often strong opinions on each side of the fence.

Image courtesy of SproutSocial