Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro Gaming Headset Review


Turtle Beach is one of the most easily recognisable brands in gaming, having many award-winning and very successful products on virtually every format. While Turtle Beach have been a popular choice for many at home gamers, they’ve also proven time and time again that they can deliver great headsets for the competitive gaming market and with the constant rise in popularity of eSports, there’s certainly a lot of demand for high-end hardware from consumers.

The Turtle Beach XO Seven Pro is designed for competitive gaming on Xbox One, with the added bonus of mobile device support for those who also love to game on the go.

“Raise your game on Xbox One with the Ear Force® XO SEVEN Pro featuring the new Ear Force Headset Audio Controller Plus which adds Superhuman Hearing, Game and Mic Presets, Mic Monitoring and more! Whether you are on the MLG Pro Circuit or just want to be, the XO SEVEN Pro has the tournament-grade durability, amazing sound quality and features you need to win. Plus, with the included Mobile Cable with In-Line Mic, the XO SEVEN Pro will be your headset of choice for mobile calls, music and gaming on the go.” – Turtle Beach

It also comes equipped with all the features you would expect from a competitive headset, with microphone monitoring, audio EQ presets, game/chat audio control and “Super Human Hearing” which is effectively dynamic range control.


The headset comes equipped with everything you’ll need to get you started; two braided cables, one for the Xbox One and one for mobile devices, a detachable microphone, USB recharging cable and the controller hub.

Since the Xbox One doesn’t come with its own headset connector, Turtle Beach has supplied a feature packed unit that connects to the controller. It has buttons for the game and chat volumes, microphone and game EQ preset controls, a master mute button and the Super Human Hearing button; a great range of features for any gamer.

Both of the main cables are of a very high quality and come with a high-quality braiding.

The headset comes hard-wired with a short cable and a proprietary connector. You’ll notice on the image above that the mobile cable also comes with a call button on this connector, meaning you don’t have to reach for your device just to answer a call. It also has a built-in pin-hole microphone, so no need for the boom mic!

The XO Seven Pro is really nicely designed and while there are a lot of plastics on show, they’re of a very high quality; the headset manages to feel very durable while maintaining a low weight.

A plain black headset could look a little boring, but there’s a tiny touch of green trim around the headset that gives it some added flair.

The ear cups can be rotated inwards, which is perfect for wearing the headset around your neck between games, but combined with a small amount of pivot, it’ll also help you get a good fit over your ears.

The ear cups are padded with a soft glossy look leather that feels incredibly comfortable over your ears. There’s also a soft cloth back on the drivers with the Turtle Beach logo printed on them.

As you would expect from virtually any headset, the headband is extendable; it has a good range to it and it locks firmly into place at each stage.

The headband has been covered with some thick padding and some stitched leather, meanings it’s very comfortable and hard-wearing.

The detachable microphone is a welcome bonus, as it means the XO Seven double up nicely as headphones. Also, not everyone wants the boom microphone in front of their face all of the time.