Turtle Beach Star Wars Battlefront SandTroopers Gaming Headset Review

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A Closer Look

The headset comes hard-wired with a 4-pole 3.5mm cable, although at this price range it would have been nice to see this as a replaceable/detachable cable. It’s easily connected to a console controller using the jack cable provided, and mobile devices can use the microphone too, so long as they support a 4-pole 3.5mm cable; most do. The only other thing worth pointing out is that while it does work on PC, you’ll likely need to purchase a 4-pole 3.5mm female to dual 3-pole 3.5mm male Y-splitter cable to use the microphone on a desktop setup.


The in-line controller is quite basic, but gives you easy control over the master volume and the microphone mute.


The drivers have an open design at the back, but technical not, as the backplates don’t come pre-installed and have to be clipped into place. This also means you can customise the backplates easily, or purchase pre-made ones from Turtle Beach.


With the backplate in place, things certainly look a lot more presentable.The detailing on the graphics is pretty cool and it’s a welcome change from the often black or grey plastic designs we see so often.


On the base of the headset, you’ll find the hard-wired audio cable, and there’s also a jack port for the detachable boom microphone, meaning you can take it off when it’s not needed.


One cool twist is the right driver comes with an orange pivot mount; a nod to the orange coloured right shoulder pad of the Sandtroopers.


The headset is made from a lot of plastics, but as with most Turtle Beach headset, the quality is still pretty high. It feels nice and durable, but managed to stay lightweight too, so it’s pretty comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions.


The only downside, at least initially, is that the fabric and foam ear cups are quite hard-wearing. They’re a little uncomfortable at first, but do wear in after a while and become more forgiving, so it’s best to just power through it, as it will improve.


the fit is heavily adjustable, with the ear cups being able to rotate inwards to provide a closer fit, while also meaning they’ll lay flat when the headset is worn around your neck.


The head band is fully adjustable on both sides, and you’ll find a pivot mount on the drivers too, helping further ensure you get a nice and close fit around your ears.


The 50mm drivers pack quite a bit of punch and at maximum volume, you’ll find more than enough power to satisfy your needs. There’s a pretty tight and distortion free bass response too, helped in no small part by the closed back design. This also means the headset blocks out a lot of external noise, while also preventing a lot of the headset audio from leaking.


The treble and mid tones are nicely detailed and work great for gaming, as well as for in-game chat, giving a clear and natural chat tone. Music sounds great too, so using them as headphones on your PC or a mobile device is certainly an option. The only thing that didn’t work great way movies, as the center vocal channel gets muddled in the stereo mix a little too much, although the music tracks and sound effects do sound fantastic. This is, however, only true where the source is 5.1 or above, if you have a stereo downmix, things sound great again.


The detachable microphone is pretty standard in terms of design, with a flexible boom and a large foam windshield to help reduce higher frequency ambient noise being picked up. It’s nothing special, but it gives good audio and doesn’t pick up too much ambient noise. There is no separate chat volume controls, but at least you can mute it from the in-line controller if you want some privacy.


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