Turtle Beach Recon 320 PC & Mobile Gaming Headset Review


Turtle Beach has a solid reputation for great sounding headsets and I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Recon 320. Fortunately, I haven’t been disappointed and the Recon 320 is equipped with some very nice drivers.

I subjected the headset to a wide range of music and found that it provided clear and powerful sound with ease. The headset does sound ever so slightly high in terms of treble, but the bass performance is very well-balanced. Overall, the sound is very crisp and detailed and no matter what music I played, I was very happy with the results. While this is a gaming headset, I could easily hook it up to my phone or MP3 player and use these as my day-to-day headphones.

For those interested in the music I use to test our headsets, I’ve created a Spotify playlist for you to investigate.

For movies, I found the same thing as music, a little high on the treble, although this meant that vocal tracks cut through with a clear and natural tone. The warm mids and detailed bass is great for big action movies and grand musical scores.

Gaming is obviously the focus for this headset and it’s easily where it shined the most. Games often have boosted bass levels and the extra push on the high-end from this headset works well to balance this out. If you use a lot of team chat, you’ll find the microphone is exceptionally clear and while I would have preferred a separate volume level on the in-line controller for chat and game audio, voice still cut through nice and clear while gaming.

The detachable microphone is a welcome bonus, as it means the headset is a little more practical for playing single player games. Kicking back and enjoy a few hours on Skyrim proved a lot of fun and the Dolby surround features are incredible in the sense that they actually work without dampening the overall quality of the sound; an issue that plagues many virtual surround modes.