Turtle Beach Ear Force PX24 Multi-Format Gaming Headset Review

A Closer Look

The PowerAmp comes hard-wired with a 4-pole 3.5mm jack, meaning it’s compatible with virtually any headphone or audio output, while you’ll also find a 3.5mm port on the other end for the headset to connect to.

The unit is really nicely designed, with a power button on the top, function select in a prominent position to allow you to tweak various profiles, super human hearing and microphone mute buttons below that, and finally, the format/mode select on the side.

Now we get to the star of the show, the PX24 headset its self! The headset comes hard-wired with a 4-pole 3.5mm cable, this means that you can connect it directly to devices such as MP3 players, mobile devices and much more, or you can do the same via the power amp, giving you a wide range of connectivity options to play around with.

The PX24 features are hard-wired microphone boom, but it can be folded up out of the way when not in use. The boom is flexible too, which makes it nice and easy to find that optimal speaking position.

The microphone perfect is pretty good too, and the wind breaker on the end helps cut out a bit of ambient noise and the sound of your own breath, to a certain degree at least. There’s adjustable microphone monitoring too, which is absolutely awesome to have, as most headsets with monitoring only allow on or off as options.

The headband is nice and wide without being overbearing, the extra width gives it a little more grip on your head and it’s sits pretty comfortable too. As with most Turtle Beach headsets, the PX24 is nice and lightweight, so it’s great for those super-long gaming sessions.

There’s ample padding on the interior too, meaning the headset is comfortable enough to forget you’re even wearing it.

The headband is adjustable on both sides and locks firmly in place. There’s a good range of adjustment too, so it should fit younger gamers, as well as those with big heads (unfortunately, like myself), with little issue. There’s a small pivot to the ear cups as well, and this helps provide a close fit over you ears, helping block a good amount of external noise, while keeping much the sound from leaking from the drivers.

The drivers pack plenty of punch, at max volume there’s enough power here to give you a headache, so perhaps turning them down wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Even at maximum, the sound is distortion free and there’s a thick and detailed bass response, warm mids and clear highs. For watching movies, listening to music and gaming, you’ll find a lot to love about this headset, but it’s gaming where it stands out the most. The audio profiles allow you to tailor the sound and the adjustable monitoring makes this a winning product for competitive gamers.

There’s a soft foam padding on the ear cups, which is super comfortable and gives a nice clean fit. It doesn’t block as much noise out as leather pads would, but on the plus side, it’s more comfortable for long gaming sessions.

Setting up the PX24 is super easy, just connect the 3.5mm jack to the PowerAmp and the PowerAmp’s 3.5mm hack to your device. If you’re using the USB cable for charging the unit, you can also do that while it is in use, or for use as a PC input, so there’s really nothing complex about it. What’s amazing is how well the PowerAmp works, it’s a simple looking unit, but being able to tweak audio profiles at the tap of a button is great fun. Not all of the profiles will be to everyone’s liking, but they’re all great at different things. Super Human Hearing is the most unique, it boosts and cuts various aspects of the audio, making it a whole lot easier for you to hear enemy footsteps in games, a great tool for competitive gaming.