Turn any Image into Lego

Lego, those magical blocks that turned children into amazing creators and sent adults to the foot doctor, has been around for many years. You can buy a random box of Lego and build whatever you want until you run out of bricks, or you could buy a kit and follow the instructions.

This new fan-made website allows you to upload absolutely any image you want and convert it into a Lego instruction kit; telling you how many bricks you need and line by line instructions to the placement.

I personally love Lego, I’m 24 and still buy the occasional set, so I ran a little test to see how it worked. With our logo, it shows me a shopping list of all of the Lego bricks needed to complete in a one block thick creation and the instructions of a row by row construction. Our logo might only be 30 rows high, but it is 200 bricks wide.

This could be a nifty little tool if you ever wanted to show off some awesome Lego skills (well not really awesome as you’re following instructions). Imagine the creations that could be made if this tool enabled image stitching for 3D models.

Would you be interested in using this web site? Let us know in the comments what sort of creations you could make or like to see be made.

Thank you to TechCrunch for providing us with this information.