Turn Based RPG ‘Blackguards’ Gets New Trailer And Steam Early Access

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Daedalic Entertainment have just released the first sinister chapter of their upcoming turn-based RPG Blackguards, and the game is now available via the Steam Early Access program. To celebrate the start of Blackguards on Early Access, the Hamburg based studio have released a new trailer to give players a taste of the brutal battles they will encounter.

Starting three months before the official launch, Daedalic Entertainment will release each chapter of the five chapters of Blackguards in three week intervals, giving the community the chance to influence the game’s development prior to release.

Three different packages of Blackguards are available through Early Access, all of which include the final version of the game upon launch. Players are also able to buy additional extras exclusive to the Early Access*:

  • · Blackguards Standard Early Access Edition – £18.99: Includes each Early Access chapter of Blackguards for PC at the earliest availability as well as the final version of the game at launch for PC and Mac.
  • · Blackguards Early Access Deluxe Edition – £26.99: Includes the Standard edition and a 150-page digital art book of the game, bonus developer interview videos and six exclusive wallpapers.
  • · Blackguards Early Access Contributor Edition – £29.99: Includes the Deluxe edition and the first Blackguards DLC, a copy of point & click adventure Chains of Satinav as well as the buyers name featured in the game credits.

*The bonus items won’t be available until the final release of Blackguards.

The game is already shaping up to be quite the epic and while I’ve not been much of a fan of hexagon based battles before, I do love some good turn based action and given how awesome the game looks in the new trailer, we really can’t wait to get this one in for review!


For more information, head on over to the official Steam page here.

Thank you Blackguards for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Blackguards.

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