Turkish Hackers Claim To Have Leaked 40,000 Sony Italy Account Details

According to “Maxney” on Twitter, a member of the Turkish Ajan hacking group, Sony Italy has been breached revealing the details and passwords of 40,000 customers. What’s worrying is that these passwords are plain text meaning that they are not encrypted and can be easily read by anyone.

The information, stolen from web.sony.it, includes account names, usernames, addresses, dates of births, plain text passwords and many more details. The hackers posted the details online onto SpeedyShare but the file has since been removed. Though it was probably online long enough for enough people to get their hands on it and start distributing it to criminal organisations and forums.

So a word of warning to all our Italian based readers – if you were a Sony Italy customer and you use the same password with the same email for any other service then change your passwords immediately as you are at great risk. As far as Sony is concerned the lack of security is just amateur, passwords should never be left unencrypted when there are so many details at stake here. It is not the first time Sony has had security breaches, in the UK they were fined after a huge breach of the PlayStation Network.

Image courtesy of Turkish Ajan