Tumblr Adds SSL, Makes You Choose Between XKit and SSL

Tumblr has reportedly implemented support for SSL security on its blogging platform, but apparently missed one big thing. To activate it by defaul. Yes, the security feature exist, but you have to manually turn it on yourself.

Even so, the security feature is extremely welcomed by users, especially nowadays when malware and hackers are roaming around in just about every corner of the internet. On top of that, Tumblr is also a Yahoo-owned application, and we all know what happened to Yahoo services recently… Therefore, manually enabling it is better than nothing, eh?

Taking a look at other applications such as Tumblr, we see that Twitter also applied the same strategy when it first launched its SSL features, having users manually enabling it at firs. So we can assume that Tumblr will make the feature active by default in the near future. And this is quite helpful when on public Wi-Fi or Internet connection, such as coffee shops and airports. Nobody wants someone snooping around on their connection.

To enable the setting, Tumblr expains that users need to go in the application’s Account Settings from the Dashboard, then find the SSL feature ‘switch’ and set it to be enabled. A reason impeding Tumblr from activating the SSL from the very start is due to XKit, which offers an enhanced user experience, giving uses extra features such as enhanced notifications, a better inbox, along with several tweaks, themes, navigation tools, and so on.

Tumblr also states that if your XKit disappears after enabling the SSL feature, it is because the XKit is not compatible with SSL connections at the moment, making you choose between it and SSL connection. A fix is stated to be on its way, but until then, it’s XKit vs. SSL. Decisions, decisions…

Thank you Tech Crunch for providing us with this information