TteSports Shock 3D 7.1 PC Gaming Headset Review

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TteSports products have been a popular choice with gamers around the world for many years now, the companies unrelenting focus and dedication to the gaming scene has seen them produce some of the best performing and some of the most competitively priced peripherals on the market today and hopefully, we’ll be seeing a repeat of that again today. I have in my hands the new TteSports Shock 3D Gaming Headset, which comes with all the usual bells and whistles you would associate with a gaming headset. There’s virtual 7.1 surround, customizable EQ, built-in volume controls, a fold away auto-muting microphone and more; all of which should appeal to both casual at home gamers and the eSports community alike.

The SHOCK 3D 7.1 headset offers users true in-game immersion via enhanced 3D virtualized surround sound. Giving users one of the best spec’d headsets on the market. The 3D 7.1 virtualized surround sound technology is the first on the market to offer a 360° feel that most traditional 5.1/7.1 headsets can’t. 4 EQ settings offer a way to fine tune the sound for any game. The microphone automatically mutes when it’s pivoted up. LED accents further add to the gaming atmosphere of the headset.

Check out the official product trailer below!

The Shock 3D 7.1 is powered via USB, features a pair of high-quality 40mm drivers and an omni-directional microphone.


The packaging is nicely designed, with a good photo of the headset on the front, as well as a peak-window to show off the actual design. A few of the major features are detailed on the front of the box, but let’s get it out of the packaging and take a closer look ourselves.DSC_1494

In the box, you will find a hard-wired headset, a protective carry pouch and a small collection of documentation.


The cable is 2 meters long and comes with a good quality black braiding, a custom molded and gold-plated USB connector; all of which should help improve the lifespan of the components.


The headset its self is really nicely design. the black and red theme may not be to everyone’s taste, but there’s no doubt that it has been designed to appeal to a gaming audience.


The left ear cup is fitted with a fold up/down microphone boom, as well as an infinite turn volume dial, the 3D sound button and the EQ control button; everything you need is within easy reach.


The microphone is straightforward enough, just fold it down when you need to use it. The centre part of the boom is a flexible rubber, which helps you adjust it, but also helps prevent it from snapping should you catch it on something. When you want to mute the microphone, just flick it back up out-of-the-way and you’ll be able to speak in private again.


The right ear cup is the same design as the left, albeit without the extra control buttons.


Both ear cups can be rotated inwards, this is great for transporting the headset as it’s easier to store, but it’s also help provide a better fit over your ears or around your neck between games.


There’s a durable metal slider on each side of the headset, allowing you to tailor the fit even further.


A three-section memory foam padding provides extra comfort for long gaming sessions and also helps prevent the headset from slipping off your head in the heat of battle.


The matte finish headband looks nice enough, with a small Tt logo in the top centre.


There’s no doubt that this is a great looking headset, although if I could make on adjustment, it would be that the volume dial plastics look a little cheap and could be improved upon.


The mesh on the back of the drivers looks nice, but there’s a hidden Tt dragon logo behind them, which lights up and responds to the audio being played; we’ll take a look at that shortly.


The drivers have a thick layer of padding that fits snugly over your ears, helping block out external noise and helping you stay focused on your game. The soft leather covering is super comfortable, but could leave you a little uncomfortable if you’re playing in a hot environment.


The included carry bag is nice, as it’ll help keep your headset free of scratches when you’re transporting it.


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