Tritton Kunai Wii U & 3DS Headset Review

Today I’ll be taking a look at the Tritton Kunai Wii U Gaming Headset, or first and hopefully not last peripheral review for Nintendo’s shiny new games console. It’s been a long while since we saw some new hardware in the gaming market and its a perfect time to bring out a new range of gaming peripherals, something that MadCatz and Tritton are taking a lead with as they extend their successful Xbox and Playstation products over to the new system.

This headset isn’t new to eTeknix though, it was only a short while ago that I got to review this headset for the PlayStation 3 and Vita. While I expect performance to be at least similar to that edition, there are of course minor differences at play here. The Wii U will have its own sound processing capabilities, as too will its games, the connections are different also. While this may not sound like much that would make a difference, it doesn’t take much to make or break quality audio performance.

Tritton have a rock solid name for them selves within the gaming community at the moment, they’ve worked hard to earn it too. Not only do they have one of the more robust product ranges for gaming peripherals, but they also work closely with many gaming events and pro gaming teams, applying what they learn from these groups to their products. So lets take a closer look at the Kunai (again) and see just how well it handles Nintendo’s latest console.