Treadmill Washing Machine Cleans Clothes as You Run

If you enjoy running but find yourself too busy doing household tasks, this might be the gadget for you.

This is “The Wheel” and will help to keep you fit whilst also doing the laundry. The concept is very simple, you put your dirty washing into the wash tubs with some soap and start running. Whilst your running inside the large hamster wheel, you will be creating kinetic energy, the wheel then converts this energy into electricity which powers the washers. The washers use “Eco Washing Balls” which are designed to improve cleaning efficiency whilst also cutting down on waste water and time.

The wheel has a flexible display on the inside of it, it has not been made clear as to what can be displayed on this screen but it would be fair to assume that it would have all the running information like distance, time and calories burned as well as having the potential to display your favorite show, film or running environments like woods, sandy beaches or mountains. The possibilities could make running far more interesting than a standard treadmill. If you want to run, but don’t have any washing to do, then the wheel can store energy until you do want to do the washing.

The creator of this wheel, Si Hyeong Ryu, has designed this as an entry to the 2014 Electolux Design Lab competition. This competition encourages design students to try and improve our health and lifestyles by inventing greener technology. Although this project hasn’t made it into the semi-finals, it is hoped that a prototype will still be made. There is no doubt that this is essentially a large hamster wheel, but the concept to get us fit as well as perform a mundane task could make this an excellent addition to your home gym, as long as you have enough space.

Thanks to Reviewed for supplying us with this information.

Image courtesy of Reviewed.