Tranquil launches its latest MMC-12 Media Centre PC

Tranquil, a British PC maker specializing in small and silent PCs, has revealed its latest media centre PC, the MMC-12.

This new PC is bound to give current home video players a run for their money, this slim 1.5″ form factor PC packs an Intel Core Sandy Bridge processor ranging from i3 to i7 depending on the costumers choice.

Milled out of blocks of metal, the body features a satin-textured matte finish, a very stylish design, something very well thought off from Tranquil who has rarely been so design-oriented before.

The front panel features few, although how could you with such a small area. Other than the power button, it’s equipped with a slot-in optical drive, leaving the costumer the choice between DVD or Blu-ray.

Not much information has been given other than what you’ve just read, all we know is that Tranquil has a good reputation in its field, except when it comes to price, something you might want to watch out for on this product.