TP-Link Archer VR900 AC 1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Modem Router Review

User Interface Continued

continuing with the Advanced settings and we get to another great feature that we see in more and more routers: The Guest network. You might not want to share everything on your network with your guests, including your normal WiFi password. With a guest network, you don’t have to anymore.

Those who run private servers and other software that require more specific traffic redirection will be satisfied with the TP-Link VR900 too. It features it all, from application layer gateway over normal virtual server forwards and port triggers to demilitarized zones and UPnP for easy setup by devices and software themselves.

The USB settings are pretty much the same as we saw on the Basic tab.

Parental control allows you to manage connected PCs individually. Stay on top of what your kids do and when they do it.

The system tools include backup and restore functions as well as built-in diagnostics.

The firmware update function sadly doesn’t allow for a direct online connection and upgrade. You’ll have to visit the page manually and download possible new version before uploading them to the router and flashing it.