Toshiba and SK Hynix Settle Lawsuit and Expand Collaboration

Toshiba has reached a settlement with SK Hynix in connection of a civil lawsuit that Toshiba initiated against SK Hynix at the Tokyo District Court on March 13. Under Japan’s Unfair Competition Prevention Act, the suit sought damages for wrongful use of proprietary NAND technology that Toshiba pioneered in 1987.

SK Hynix has paid an undisclosed settlement fee and in return Toshiba has withdrawn their lawsuit. Further, the two are looking to expand their existing relationship and will work together to jointly develop nanoimprint lithography (NIL). Toshiba and SK Hynix have also agreed to extend their patent cross-licensing and DRAM supply agreements, a thing that I’m sure will benefit us consumers in the end.

It’s great to see two tech companies settle their disputes and decide to work closer together instead, it can only help the development move at a faster pace for all our benefits.

Thanks to Toshiba for providing us with this information