Toshiba Released 24-Inch Business Tablet

Is there a time where a tablet reaches a size where it’s no longer considered a tablet? I guess not. Toshiba has created the giant 24-inch Shared Board tablet that is using a ultra-Daquan HD display and running the Android operating system.

The Toshiba Shared Board (TT301) is using a 1920 × 1080 resolution, 10-point touch screen and comes equipped with 1.5GB DDR3 memory, 16GB internal flash storage and has Bluetooth and 802 a/b/g/n WiFi capabilities. The CPU is only a 1GHz dual-core, and though not specified, it’s likely an Intel or Nvidia type chip. As for the operating system, it runs the older Android 4.2.1 system, but I guess that is changeable via updates.

Shared Board also comes with a dedicated IR remote control support for classes, meetings and other occasions like just being lazy. On top of that it features Miracast and HDMI to display your smartphone or Windows 8 PC screen for split screen display and operation. Toshiba hasn’t announced the price yet and it’s somewhat unlikely that this tablet sold outside Japan, sadly.

So is it really a tablet, or a smart PC, or monitor, with an included battery pack? Guess that’s a matter of opinion and no matter the outcome, I’d sure like to have one of these.

Thanks to We’re Androider for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of We’re Androider