Toshiba Launches HK4 Series SSDs

Toshiba America Electronic Components has just announced the availability of a new enterprise 6Gbit/s SATA solid state drive series named HK4, which was designed with high-performance, high-capacity and reliability in mind. These products represent the company’s very first enterprise SSDs to incorporate 15 nm MLC NAND flash memory with low latency that can ensure high quality of service. Those of you who are looking for read-intensive SSDs should definitely have a look at the HK4R Series, as it comes in capacities up to 1.92 TB and basically sips on power. This series is designed for applications such as video-on-demand, media streaming, search engines, web servers and file servers, but it can also be used for warm data storage as well.

As for the Toshiba HK4E, they represent the brand’s value-endurance offering, as they boast an endurance level of DWPD3 and can offer as much as 1.6 TB in terms of capacity. This makes the HK4E ideal for mixed workload applications or data centers. Both variants of the  HK4 Series incorporate Toshiba’s QSBC (Quadruple Swing-By Code) error-correction technology, which helps keep your data safe from NAND flash memory media wear. Regarding these new products, Toshiba America Electronic Components’ vice president of SSD and storage solutions marketing, Jeremy Werner, had a few words to say:

“The HK4 Series joins our family of SATA SSDs and is designed to meet the needs of our customers who are looking for a SATA SSD with low operating power, excellent quality of service, high capacity and with encryption. Knowing that security and encryption is a priority for our customers, we are thrilled to release a SATA SSD that meets those needs.”

As far as availability is concerned, these new Toshiba SSDs will launch in April 2016, and they will benefit from a five-year limited warranty.