Tooltime Meets Mario Cart: Jet Powerted Go-Kart Can Do 60MPH

Most boys have dreamed of a jet-powered go-kart at some point, I know I have. But where most of just dream, others have to make it a reality. YouTuber, plumber, and ex-BMX rider, Colin Furze has done just that and created something that reminds of a crossover between Tooltime (Home Improvement) and Mario Kart. Also, lets not forget some of his real-world super hero inventions from last year!

The kart has been extended to make room for the giant home built turbine on the back, and it isn’t without power. He manages to achieve a top speed of 61 MPH before he runs out of track to drive on and has to stop. That’s pretty cool and there might be even more power left in the engine.

The kart starts with gasoline and transitions to diesel with a leaf blower motor providing enough moving air to ease the transition between the two fuels. Two pressurized tanks, one with air and one with fuel all cleverly controlled by a foot lever, fuel rail and butterfly valve controls the fuel flow through the jet engine.

This isn’t the first time Colin Furze attached a jet to something, he has previously built the jet bike but also other contraptions such as a flame thrower scooter or a bicycle with tires made from ice.

Your guess is as good as mine on what he will strap a jet on next. Whatever it might be, I can’t wait to see it.

Thank you Art of Gears for providing us with this information