Tom Hanks’ Typewriter App is a Huge Hit

Not just a pretty face – Tom Hank’s typewriter app for the iPad has topped the charts in the iTunes App Store. Sitting in the top spot for both the productivity section and overall app sales, Hanx Writer has proven that Hanks’ name is not only a big hit for movies.

What exactly does it do? Nothing too fancy – but it does it well. This app helps transform your device into something of a pseudo-typewriter. It tries to give you the feel of the old school – complete with the banging of each key press and the chime of each new line reached. Thanks to the advancement of technology however, you’ve got the liberty of removing and replacing letters without creating a mess. You can also print, email or share your work once it’s completed.

The well constructed application offers you the ability to use an on-screen keyboard or utilize a Bluetooth device all for a price of $0. As with most applications, you can opt to purchase extras to assist funding of the developer. Hanx Writer gives you the ability to purchase different typewriter models including the Hanx 707 and the Hanx Golden Touch – the original writer being named the Hanx Prime Select.

Hanks actually released an ode to the typewriter in an edition of The New York Times, thanks to Tech Crunch we learned of his statements:

“Everything you type on a typewriter sounds grand, the words forming in mini-explosions of SHOOK SHOOK SHOOK. A thank-you note resonates with the same heft as a literary masterpiece.

In addition to sound, there is the sheer physical pleasure of typing; it feels just as good as it sounds, the muscles in your hands control the volume and cadence of the aural assault so that the room echoes with the staccato beat of your synapses.

You can choose the typewriter to match your sound signature.”

Hanx Writer is available for download now from the iTunes store.

Image courtesy of Warmjello