RFID iPourIt Self Service Beer System, To Pour or Not to Pour


The next time you go to a venue you may be offered self service beer. iPourIt, has offered a solution to patrons who like to drink beer, and businesses who like to serve beer. Businesses like bars, restaurants, casinos, cruise lines, stadiums, etc.

Each person who uses the service will swipe their government ID card (ie. drivers license), their credit card, and then they will be provided a paper RFID wristband that will allow them to use the beer taps. This gives the user and the bartender the ability to track how much alcohol someone has consumed. It will also inform them if someone has consumed a certain amount, also preventing the tap from continuing to pour the beer. There is an override where if a bartender deems appropriate will be able to override the system.

This works by having an RFID reader in each handle, which when an RFID wristband is next to the tap will allow a valve on the beer lines to open up to serve the beer when the tap is pulled. A workstation is used by servers and management to monitor and adjust settings.

With this system in place it will allow patrons to get their beer, allowing bartenders to focus more on mixed drinks. Also, virtually destroying spillage losses for businesses giving more profit! This could be the optimum service for a large popular bar. Not to mention iPourIt has a website where customers can see their history of pours where they have visited. Personally I don’t know who would really like to serve their own beer, as I do not drink beer. Though many people may actually enjoy using this service, with less wait times, allowing them to spend more time with their friends!