Tizen 3.0 Features Revealed At Tizen Developer Summit

Tizen OS version 2.2.1 was announced by Samsung at their first Developer Conference as being complete and capable of being deployed on smartphones. Version 3.0 of Tizen OS was also announced, and according to the key features which are detailed below it is the most able candidate for deployment in the near future.

Key Features:

  • Updated Core and ToolChain
  • Multiple user support (Multiple user support with protection)
  • 64-bit Support (IA and ARM chips, performance improvements, larger, memory address space)
  • 3D UI framework (3D Rendering Engine for 2D and 3D Objects in the real world and Dynamic Animation library)
  • WayLand based compositor
  • Crosswalk (HTML5 based application runtime based on Chromium/Blink)

According to The Handheld Blog, the first Tizen devices will be available in stores in February 2014. Despite the advantages of Tizen 3.0, Samsung will not be able to release the handsets with the 3.0 operating system pre-installed. They will be release with the Tizen 2.2.1 operating system and Tizen 3.0 is set to be a feature update which will be come later on.

Thank you NextPowerUp and The Handheld Blog for providing us with this information
Images courtesy of The Handheld Blog