Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Cockpit 458 Steeling Wheel Review

A Closer Look Continued

The wheel is very nicely designed, with all of the major controls located in easily reachable areas.

The Ferrari design looks superb, with the lovely logo shining out from the centre.

There is a super grippy rubber coating on each side of the wheel, and a harder but lightly textured plastic which makes up the rest of the wheel.

On the left side you have the back button, Home button and an Engine Start button; which is actually a cleverly disguised D-Pad.

Above those buttons you’ll find the X and the Y buttons. Each feature a unique ergonomic shape that make them very easy to find and press using your thumb without needing to look at the wheel.

B and A buttons are on the right side of the wheel; which are the same style as the X and Y on the left.

Also on the right side of the wheel is the start button and what looks like a race mode toggle; though it always returns to “race” as its on a spring, but it can be turned a little to the left or right, giving you two extra configurable switches for your game; perfect for camera adjustments, brake bias, etc…

Around the back you’ll find two thick metal pedals with heavy-duty switches that have a satisfying tactile click.

Tucked away below each paddle you’ll find another button, which are basically RB and LB; these complete the set and give you all the major buttons you would typically find on a Xbox 360 controller.