Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Cockpit 458 Steeling Wheel Review

A Closer Look

The base unit is pretty big, its size offers extra stability that you’ll be grateful for when you want to get a little heavy-handed through the corners on your favourite racer; the extra size and weight of the base also means that you’re less likely to kick the unit away from you when slamming on the pedals.

The adjustable wheel column is heavily reinforced with a durable metal mount that requires five thick screws to hold the wheel in place. On the interior of the column is a screw-fix hook up cable that should ensure you never get a loose wire after mounting the wheel.

The back of the column is covered with a plastic shell that is styled on the steering column of a real Ferrari; not that this will improve its performance, but it certainly looks cool.

Around the back you’ll find two big dials that are used to lock the angle of the steering column, perfect for folding the column down so you can easily store the wheel away after gameplay, but also handy for increasing the height and angle of the wheel.

The pedals are cast metal and feel incredibly durable, each mounted on a reinforced mount with a progressive force spring on the interior.

There are ten thick rubber pads on the base of the pedals that help keep it locked firmly in place on carpet and hard surfaces.