“Three Glasses” Oculus Rift Alternative Hits Chinese Market

Imitation is the highest form of flattery and the Oculus Rift technology from Oculus VR is no exception. While Oculus are hardly the first to come to market with VR technology, they are the ones who have made it a more household name within the technology world. Copy cats are bound to crop up from time to time, which is no bad thing, especially if it helps boost innovation and competition.

Three Glasses from Shenzhen’s Jingweidu Technology Co., Ltd., is already taking pre-orders for their D1 Developer Edition. It’s priced at 1,999 Yuan, which roughly translates to $327 US. The headset will begin shipping in late December and should Jingweidu stick to that date, it will beat many VR rivals to market by a huge margin.

It features a 124 degree FOV, a 1920 x 1080 display, 75 Hz refresh rate and weighs 280 grams. This means it has a wider field of video thank the DK2, while also being 160g lighter. The company recommends the device is used with a high-performance computer for gaming, although lower specification machines will suffice for watching movies.

A range of peripherals such as headphones, a steering wheel and controllers have also been produced as extra accessories for the device.

No word on performance or quality, but the future of the hardware really depends on how much research the company have done into the SDK side of things. We look forward to the early reviews once the hardware becomes available.

Thank you Hypergrid Business for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Hypergrid Business.