Three Asian Countries Receive Their Own YouTube Homepages

One might be inclined to think that YouTube enjoys near-global presence, and while that’s certainly true to some degree, there are some countries where the service is either completely banned or heavily restricted. Back in 2012, for example, Pakistan’s officials have decided to block YouTube in their country because its representatives refused to remove a controversial anti-Islamic, low-budget movie named “Innocence of Muslims.” However, several years have since passed and YouTube is looking to establish a presence in certain Asian countries without interfering with local regulations or customs in any way.

According to our sources, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan have just received their own localized homepages, which won’t deliver all of YouTube‘s content but will instead provide curated content that has received the green light from the nation’s officials. Furthermore, each one of these new homepages will highlight local content creators, musicians and filmmakers, and we all know how good YouTube is at promoting individual talent. Since the service was implemented not too long ago, it will take some time for Pakistani officials to review it and decide whether they will agree to lift the ban or not. As long as they have a say in what goes live on the homepage, there’s probably a good chance that they will agree to YouTube’s terms.