Thermaltake Suppressor F31 Silent Mid-tower Chassis Review

Complete System

Building a system inside the F31 was laughably easy, there’s so much room in here for our components and cable routing, that everything dropped into place with ease. The only minor issue I can see here is that for dual graphics cards, I would need to remove the HDD bays to accommodate a long graphics card, but with all three drive trays being capable of sitting behind the motherboard, that’s hardly a compromise.

The PSU shroud is doing a great job, not only at providing us with two dedicated 2.5″ drive bays, but also for passing through the power cables to the GPU. GPUs that have the power cables on the side can be a major cause of trailing cables, but the provides a neat and tidy workaround to that issue.

There’s a lot of space here, so even the biggest GPUs on the market will fit with ease. There’s also plenty of room left over, so thick radiators with push-pull fans will fit easily enough.

Good clearance from the motherboard will allow for plenty of fans or radiators in the top too, although I would personally prefer to leave it closed up to reduce noise from the system.

There’s easily room for a multi-GPU configuration here and again, I’m really happy with how the cables pass through the shroud, much better than trailing the power cables over or under the card.

All panels back in place and the F31 looks just as stunning as it did when we took it out of the box.