Thermaltake Release Stackable Core V21 Micro-ATX Chassis

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Thermaltake has released a new small form factor chassis, the stackable Core V21 Micro Chassis. The quadrate shaped chassis allows for stacking and combination for multi-systems and much more while staying flexible on the insides as well.


The Core V21 allows for modular builds inside the chassis just as much as outside. The motherboard can be mounted either vertical or horizontal to reflect personal taste, showcase just the right components or just create the perfect airflow for your setup. “Outside” you can stack the cases to extend your space in just the way you like. Removable dust filters and anti-vibration rubber gaskets are added to the PSU mount to minimize noise and keep everything clean.


“Outside” you can stack the cases to extend your space in just the way you like. You could put all your water cooling equipment in one case and just have the vital parts in the main chamber. Or move all your storage to one case to have it independently cooled, or pretty much whatever you fancy, even radiators up to 600mm at the front of the stack.


The tiny Core V21 has a lot of space on the inside for your expansions, even on its own. It allows for up to six storage drives, dual graphics cards up to 350mm and CPU coolers up to 185mm. It can even hold a 200mm long PSU to give you enough power for all those components.


This chassis is built on the dual-chamber principle that has the PSU and storage options at the bottom while vital parts are in the top chamber. The drive racks can be removed for further customization and there is plenty of room for radiators and fans everywhere to accommodate all sorts of cooling systems from DIY and AIO liquid cooling for air-cooled systems.


Thermaltake have created a tiny but very modular and expandable case with the Core V21, and I can’t wait to see all the great ideas people will have and the systems they will build with this chassis.

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The Thermaltake Core V21 is currently listed on Alternate UK for £48.99 on pre-order mode and without further product information added. But we can expect this to change very soon as well as other shops updating their listings.

Thanks to Thermaltake for providing us with this information

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