Thermaltake Frio Extreme Silent 14 Dual CPU Cooler Review

A Closer Look

The two 140mm fans look great, they are quite simple in design and stick to a mostly black and white colour theme. The Thermaltake sticker in the middle is the only splash of colour. Personally I would prefer the branding to be more fitting with the black design of the fans, but that’s just a personal preference.

The top of the cooler has quite a nice design; simple yet stylish with the embossed Tt logo that we have grown accustom to with Thermaltake products. There are 4 sets of holes so that you can mount the brackets for the fans in multiple ways. The aluminium fins are really nicely finished, they don’t feel as flimsy as other brands and although they are quite dense, they have plenty of space for airflow.

The contact plate is finished to a mirror shine. Although the sticker that protects it did leave a residue, it is easily cleaned. The 6 heat pipes are sandwiched between the copper plates to ensure that heat can be dissipated from the CPU to the tower effectively.

The fans easily clip on/off the cooler, which should help keep maintenance times to a minimum. The fans can be mounted on either side of the cooling tower giving you more mounting options.

With both fans attached this is quite a large cooler. Those who have memory featuring large heatsinks won’t be able to have the fan on the same side as the ram, however, its only the fans that foul the ram. The cooling tower has a good 12mm clearance from our low profile HyperX modules. With the cooling tower having the ability to have its fans on either side of the tower, you can just mount them the other side, meaning those with larger ram can still use it perfectly fine.