Thecus N7770-10G Elite-Class Business 7-Bay NAS Review

System Specifications, Features & Power Consumption

Hardware Specifications

Software Specifications


ThecusOS 5.0 has a simple yet effective login site that allows you to easy access modules and the admin interface from the same location.


ThecusOS dashboard has a list of items pinned by default as seen below, these are called favorites and you can add any page that way. To the left you got all the categories and setting options and that panel can also be collapsed to make more room for icons.

The logs, shutdown, restart and logout features can be found at the top at all times, so you don’t need to navigate around to find these key features. Several of the most used features are also present as hotlinks at the bottom of the screen, such as RAID setup, fan speeds, and network information.

Power Consumption

The chart contains the actual power consumption measured at the PSU connection and while loaded with a maximum amount of drives. Peak, or maximum, power draw will occur during boot times.