Thecus Adds Orbweb.ME Personal Cloud Experience to WSS NAS

Thecus has partnered with Orbweb Inc. to include Orbweb.ME cloud enabling platform to their Windows Storage Server NAS devices. It integrates a variety of data and applications from different computers, servers, tablets, and smartphones and is a great improvement for the already impressive WSS series.

Orbweb.ME provides media streaming and webcam monitoring, and it also allows users to view, edit and transfer files. It works much in the same way as dynamic DNS providers, so you won’t need a static IP address to reach your files when away from home. Any browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or even Internet Explorer should work like a charm.

“Integrating Orbweb.ME into our SMB and Home NAS allows Thecus to introduce products and services that are unique in the market,” said Florence Shih, Chief Executive Officer of Thecus. “We are introducing the world’s first Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials NAS, and with Orbweb’s premium service, users will be able to enjoy a comprehensive personal cloud experience.”

Thanks to Thecus for providing us with this information