The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Leaked Gameplay Video

We brought you the news just yesterday of the release of a whole selection of gameplay screenshots from the Elder Scrolls Online game. Today we have something much more exciting, a full length gameplay video leaked from one of the Elder Scrolls Online testers. The video shows some uncut gameplay footage from the new game by Bethesda and Zenimax Online. The game is reportedly showing the beta version, probably being prepared in anticipation of the Elder Scrolls Online beta test which is due to go online at the end of March. If you want to sign up to that beta and haven’t done so then you can do so here

The video demonstrates the character creation screen and then continues to follow a mage character taking on the dangers of the Elder Scrolls Online world. You also get a glimpse of some quests that the game will have and how they are completed. We definitely recommend you have a watch of this video if you are an Elder Scrolls fan. The video is long enough to give you a real taste of what the game is about.

Update: Video taken offline, a mirror can be found here


What do you think of the gameplay video? Does the game look any good to you? Does this make you want to get involved in the beta of the Elder Scrolls Online?