Thanksgiving Sales Up 14% Over Last Year, More People Shopping From Home

Black Friday is when the big sales normally kick off, but things are moving a day forward to Thanksgiving more and more as the years go by.

Many are reporting that the shopping frenzy is actually a lot tamer than it looks, with many retailers offering massive online sales which is leading to more and more staying at home and enjoying the savings, without having to venture out into the depths of retail stores. IBM has used their real-time benchmark analysis dashboard, discovering that sales were up 14% over Thanksgiving 2014, versus last year. The average order amount was down though, to $125.25, down from $132.

Not only that, but online sales at the the United States’ biggest department stores were up 29.8%, which is huge. IBM’s data also shows how people shopped, with a 10% spike in mobile device traffic, now up to 1/3 of all sales being done over smartphones and tablets.

Source: TechSpot.