TFL Says Windows 8 Not Viable Because It Is Too New

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TFL, Transport for London, is London’s main travel operator that run buses, trams, underground services, overground services and various other London transport services such as river boats and so on. Recently they have been discussing Windows 8. TFL’s chief information officer Steven Townsend has been quoted as saying to V3 that TFL has no intention of using Windows 8 because it is still  “relatively new”. In fact they suggest they have no intention of using it until many other companies give it a trial run first.

“Windows 8 is in our sights but it is relatively new. We are not a bleeding-edge test bed for technology and want to see Windows 8 deployed across the industry first so we can learn from mistakes” he said.

In TFL’s infinite Wisdom they therefore decided it would be a great idea to invest public money in the over-priced Apple brand and fit out their offices with Apple products and use Apple’s Mac OS X. To me it just sounds like an Apple fanboy was looking for an excuse to get himself some new “Apple swag” courtesy of the public purse.

With Windows 8.1 around the corner let us hope that Microsoft can enlist more support for Windows 8 because if you can’t get business on board, then you are destined to fail – as Windows 2000 and Windows Vista proved only so well.

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1 Comment on TFL Says Windows 8 Not Viable Because It Is Too New

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    IMHO, Total waste of money – just to get useless, nothing special Apple propitiatory technology.

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