Texas Says Hello to Google’s Self-Driving Cars

Do you live in Austin, Texas? Then you may want to keep on the look out for the Google Cars that are now patrolling your part of the world. Several people have been reporting online that they’ve seen the self-driving cars scooting around town recently. That being said, the Google Car isn’t exactly hard to spot, just look for white Lexus with  a massive spinning camera on the top and a rather distinctive Google badge on the side; they’re not exactly stealthy.

Google said they’ve taken the cars to downtown Austin to test “our software in different driving environments, traffic patterns and road conditions.”

This is the first city Google has visited outside of Mountain View, when asked why they chose that city in particular, Google responded “We’ve loved how much Austin embraces innovation.” It’s also a clear winner as the city has Google Fiber and there’s a few Google offices within Austin, making it an easy choice for many of the employees there.

The cars still have two onboard drivers, ready to take the controls again should they run into any rival self-driving cars. Best of luck Google, I’m looking forward to a future of being able to put have a nap in the car on the way to work!

Thank you Engadget for providing us with this information.