Two Journalists Trespass Tesla Gigafactory and Assault Workers!

We’ve all heard that journalists will do anything for a story, and there have been some times where what they have done some more than questionable tactics, such as accessing people’s voice mails and tapping their phones for their texts and conversations.  Last Friday there was an incident involving the electric car company’s new site and it seems they want to share their account of how things occurred.

The event happened at Gigafactory, Teslas new and still under construction factory for lithium-ion batteries. An employee noticed two people taking photos, something anyone would find suspicious of a building site. After calling for assistance, the two people were notified that they were illegally trespassing on Tesla property, with Tesla claiming that their argument of not knowingly trespassing is highly unlikely given the high fences and private property signs that are all too common around pretty much any building site or company owned area. Once they were informed they were trespassing they then refused to identify themselves (tip: if you aren’t honestly doing anything bad then when asked for your name at least cooperate a little), this was made all the worse by their ID’s from the Reno Gazette Journal hanging plainly from their pockets.

So the local sheriff’s department were called as well as Tesla’s own security staff, then things apparently got less civilized. By Teslas account, after being asked to remain the employees got into a jeep and while a Tesla employee was recording the licence plate was reversed into sustaining a blow to the left hip and several lacerations to his right forearm and upper arm.

So far so bad right? Well when they then fled the scene they hit a ATV (all terrain vehicle) carrying the two safety managers for the site, and when one of them approached the jeep the driver of the jeep accelerated into him, hitting him square in the chest.

One of the journalists, photographer Andy Barron, has been charged with two counts of felony assault already and along with the other journalist still faces trespassing charges.

It should be noted that the Reno Gazette Journal has not disputed this account publicly and has stated that its driver side window was shattered (by a rock) and the jeep had a slashed seatbelt.

While they love the attention, breaking the law is a big no no for Tesla and when it comes to striking their employees in any way (especially with a vehicle) they are obviously a little more than livid.

Thank you the Verge for the information.

Image courtesy of The Car Connection.