Tesla is Now Testing the Used Car Sales Market


Electric Car giant Tesla has been making massive waves in the automotive and home electrical worlds recently. Firstly by introducing its spectacular Model S and more recently the home batteryThe battery technology is still brand new, but the cars are starting to age a little, with the oldest Model S around 2 1/2 years old.

What does this mean? The consumer turn around for prestige cars like this normally lasts around two – three years; they then trade in and purchase the newest model. So what about the older cars, surely they don’t just leave them rotting or flash the memory and sell as new do they? Of course not, those cars which have started coming back to the dealerships are now being sold through Teslas ‘Buy Pre-Owned‘ scheme.

Looking through the sales pages, the cheapest model to come up was a Model S 60 at a respectable $59,000. After looking for a comparable model, the cheapest Model S 85 was $62,350; when compared like for like to a new model, the price came in at almost $100,000, that’s a huge saving of almost $38,000. You also get 4 years/ 50,000 miles warranty and a delivery to your nearest dealership for up to $1,500.

Tesla can offer these low prices due to only selling through their own dealerships. The used car market is a lucrative place to be, you can sell a car for thousands over book price with the right selling pitch. Well done marketing at Tesla, if the price originally put you off; it seems it’s going in the right direction.