Tesla Can Now Sell Cars Directly in Maryland

Today, some obstacles of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors just got lifted in the state of Maryland. As Tesla Motors is being banned from directly selling its electric vehicles in various states in US. But slowly things seems to improve a bit. As Governor Larry Hogan, signed a new bill, Tesla can now make direct sales of its electric vehicles in Maryland. The bill targets very specific types of vehicles. It only allows sales by “manufacturer or distributor that deals only in electric or non-fossil-fuel-burning vehicles.” which mainly sounds like Tesla Motors.

Tesla is only allowed to a total of four locations in the state. It is similar to the limits imposed on them by other states. In spite of such obstacles in the path, Elon Musk is playing it really cool like Acquiring companies based in the states (Michigan, to be precise) where it is blocked to sell directly. Recently Tesla Motors faced a similar situation of them getting banned in West Virginia. But good things keep coming such as reversal on a ban in New Jersey which is a good market; the fourth largest market for Luxury cars in US. Tesla is good to go in 26 states after this allowance, just 24 more remaining which isn’t that challenging for a person who owns a rocket company.

Thank you Forbes for providing us with this information.