Teratrend (SilverStone) TS231U 2 Bay USB3.0 RAID Enclosure Review


When testing a device of this sort, the system that we use to test with is not a major factor in its performance. The performance of the medium comes down to the network its running on and its own internal hardware. With a device of this sort having so many different applications, Intel’s NASPT software covers all the bases and also gives us a set of results that we will be able to utilise and therefore give a benchmark against other similar systems in the future.

Intel NASPT (Network Attached Storage Performance Toolkit) performs its test by transferring varying sizes and quantities of data to and from the device based on twelve different scenarios.

The system that we use to run the Intel NASPT software does require us to drop the memory right down to 2GB as any more than this leads to data caching and therefore skews the results from the storage medium.

Even though this unit is not network attached, it still helps us to get a broader view on how the enclosure performs in a variety of test scenarios.




As mentioned above, whilst this is not really a NAS (after all its not Network connected), NASPT still gives us a good picture of how the unit performs in a number of test areas – RAID0 giving close to 200MB/s at its peak, whilst RAID1 and JBOD have close performance ratings.