Tenda TEG1210P 10-Port Gigabit Ethernet Intelligent PoE Switch Review



At the time of writing, the Tenda TEG1210P WebSmart Gigabit PoE Switch will set you back $175.29 on NewEgg, £134.85 at Amazon UK. German readers can find a deal through Geizhals where it starts at €169.11. Those who shop around a bit might find really great deals on this switch, ITboost.de for example has it for just 54 Euro with shipping. Maybe it’s a typo or wrong price, but worth a shot.


I quite liked the Tenda TEG1210P, it is a solid piece of work that does as it should and supports everything you’ll want from it. The 210mm deep unit easily fits into any 19-inch rack mount and also comes with four adhesive feet, allowing you to use it as a desktop model.

Most smaller offices or homes can do make due with eight RJ45 Gbit and two SFP Gbit ports. You can create up to three groups for link aggregation. Get the best out of your connected devices that support the same. Connecting it to the rest of your network isn’t any problem either as SFP supports kilometer long connections. I used the SFP port to connect it to my Netgear ProSafe PoE smart switch and both units found each other right away just as link aggregation worked as advertised.

Having a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch is awesome when you’re connecting devices that support it. My Netgear ProSafe wireless access point supports this and worked like a charm when connecting it. When you don’t need power adapters everywhere, you get a lot more options where to place your devices.

There are plenty of features for advanced users too, with VLAN tagging, both port-based and 802.1Q VLAN, 802.1X port authorization, IGMP snooping, RSTP, SNMP, QoS, and more.

Sound wise it most likely won’t be a deal breaker, but it is audible. It is about the same sound level as my ProSafe switch and normal for most smart switches. It could probably be compared to a high-powered workstation on air cooling.


  • PoE
  • 802.1Q VLAN and Port-based VLAN
  • Support Link Aggregation
  • Mirroring, QoS, SNMP, Authentication, DoS Defense, and much more


  • No fan control, one speed setting

“The Tenda TEG1210P would be a great switch for any smaller office or branch, and it would do well in a SOHO environment too. It is a little loud, but performs great.”

Tenda TEG1210P 10-Port Gigabit Ethernet Intelligent PoE Switch Review

Thank you Target Components and Tenda for providing us with this review sample