Tenda TEG1210P 10-Port Gigabit Ethernet Intelligent PoE Switch Review

A Look Inside

Some smart switched can be tricky to open, to find every single screw and then get it apart, but not so here. Although there isn’t any real reason to open it, it is nice to know that one can – may it just be for cleaning after extensive usage.

To the left, seen from the rear, we find the two small 2-pin 40mm fans that keep this unit cool. Looking at them we already know that this won’t be the most silent device, but just how loud is yet to be seen.

The power supply is built-in and works with power connections from 110V to 240V, making it usable everywhere.

The motherboard itself isn’t very big and it is split up into two sections. On the bottom we see the CPU, RAM, and Flash that make everything run.